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Todd Cormier
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JZ Welding. Owned and run by my brother Delroy Bailey. If you need something welded and you are in the Toronto Area call Delroy At (416)500-6194


Welcome One And All To My Links Page

I'm a Toronto / Etobicoke Ontario Native now residing in Palm Bay Florida. What can I say about Central Florida? It's Hot!! And people are friendly. Check out some links and photo's below to see what my friends and family is up to.

I shouldn't brag but my Salvador Dali Image Gallery is doing awesome. I have a passion for the works of Dali and I've collected a number of prints and images in tribute to the great artist. This site contains a brief history of Dali, plus Paintings, Sculptures and Photo's (some original art as well). Click Here to visit the gallery and sign the guest book when done.

Ravi Dalchand, his brother Darren and Thé Van Huynh have been super great friends over the years. We went from playing road hockey in the middle of winter on Birgitta Crescent, to computer network analyst and investment bankers. Ravi has been tinkering with the MP3's and has a pretty cool links page to help you find some of the latest MP3 downloads. Darren wants to be your investment broker. This guy work overtime for his clients and he deserves some business coming his way. I made all of the animations you see on this page, and I could make one for you and your business. Send me an e-mail if interested. Thé Van Huynh got married June 17th 2000. I'm still in shock!!!




Leonard Nimoy+Salsa= Excellence!!

At the top of the page I have a couple of images of some friends I haven't seen in a very long time (Hint Hint), Todd to the left, Ryan to the right. Congratulations to Ryan & Jessica who was married 3/4/00 It was a beautiful wedding. Todd, still single, lives and works in San José as an air traffic controller, and still waiting for Dan Marino (Now Retired) to win a Super Bowl (Maybe you should send him a box of Flutie Flakes).



This is were we say our goodbyes and leave you with this last note:
Go and Buy a gift Basket and some Gourmet Popcorn, Okay!!!!


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