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Simply the Best in

Gourmet Popcorn.


Come on in, we're always open. All flavors can be bought in a two bag sampler, gift basket, half gallon or gallon size bucket with your choice of color or design.



Butter Caramel | Island Popcorn | North American  | Euro Pop |


"Classic Caramel"

New Name Same Great Taste! Many have told me that this is the "best popcorn" they have "ever tasted." Because we use real butter, the flavor is comparable to butter creme candy. This popcorn melts in your mouth.


"Double Delight"

Our best Real Butter Caramel Popcorn, drizzled with a special Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate mixture. This deluxe flavor is just $12 for a Half Gallon Bucket plus $3.60 shipping and handling, and makes a great gift for any occasion or event. Such as birth announcements, "Get well soon," "Happy Birthday." "Be My Valentine," and "Happy New Year." Special gifts will be packaged in gift wrap with a gift card attached.



"Butter Caramel"

This caramel is similar to it's sister flavor Classic Caramel but has a lighter taste. Comes in Buckets, Tins and Baskets.

"Coconut Delight"
This flavor was inspired by a suggestion made by one of our customers, John Palenbery, who wondered if we could make a coconut flavored popcorn, and cover it with chocolate. Try this popcorn, it is simply fantastic.



Butter Caramel | Island Popcorn | North American | Euro Pop


"Jamaican Nut Crunch"

This a truly great tasting Popcorn. It features sweet coconut, honey roasted peanuts and a selection of authentic Jamaican/West Indian seasonings. If familiar with Jamaican cuisine it taste kind of like Jamaican Drops with ginger. This sweet gourmet popcorn flavor is a favorite among many.


"Island Almond Crunch"

This is my most popular flavor. This baked caramel Popcorn has a touch of real coconut and whole roasted almonds. Need I say more? This flavor makes a great gift, and goes wonderfully in a gift basket.




"Hawaiian Almond Delight"

This Deluxe caramel Popcorn has a touch of real coconut and whole roasted almonds plus sweet pineapples. This flavor makes a great gift, and goes wonderfully in a gift basket. Half Gallon buckets are $12.00 each, plus S&H. Or a seasonal decorative Tin, 10"x3" for $12.00

"Orient Express"
What I have always said was "Better ingredients Better Popcorn." That is what makes our popcorn the best. Orient express is a one in a kind flavor experience. We use butter toffee with fresh ginger, cashews, almonds and sesame seeds. This popcorn has a unique eastern taste and is sure to be a favorite among many.



Butter Caramel | Island Popcorn | North American  | Euro Pop |

"Mocha Express"
We brought an old flavor back to life, and made it great. Chocolate and Coffee flavored butter toffee,sprinkled with Swiss Miss Cocoa makes for a wonderful taste sensation.


"Rum 'n' Raisin Clusters"

New and improved taste! If your reading this right now you probably love popcorn and know that one of life's great pleasures is experiencing something truly unique and delicious. If you love raisins this popcorn is for you.




"Maple 'n' Nut"

Fresh caramel with a taste of sweet Canadian maple. We added Cashews and Almonds, then perfected the flavor with Pecans. This flavor makes a great gift, and goes wonderfully in a gift basket.

"Bailey's Butter Rum"

Similar to the flavor of Rum flavored Lifesavers. Simply great tasting Popcorn at a great price.

This goes great in a gift basket or gift bag and is one of our featured Flavors in our Popcorn and Coffee Club.

"Don't Know Jack"

Gourmet Popcorn So Good It's Scary.

This is the gourmet popcorn that big brands want to be like. We use real butter caramel with a touch of all natural, sweet, unsulphured Molasses. Then adding Dry Roasted and Honey Roasted Peanuts. Cracker Jack® eat your heart out 'cause there's a new Jack in town.

"Sugar 'n' Spice"

This new fun flavor takes the flavor of vanilla and allspice and then tops it off with with powdered sugar. This popcorn is one of a kind and an be only found here, Pick up a bucket for your next party.



Butter Caramel | Island Popcorn | North American  | Euro Pop |


"Root Beer Float"
Root Beer Float is great tasting Popcorn with taste of root beer and a creamy vanilla.


"Bailey's Irish Cream Crunch"

With a name like George Bailey you would either say I'm from Bedford Falls or from the Irish country side. Gourmet popcorn with a sweet touch of Irish Cream. This flavor is the flavor of the month in March and is available for use in custom made gift baskets or in Gourmet Popcorn Tins. Half Gallon Bucket $12.00



"Totally Nuts"

We take butter caramel, and your favorite nuts (almonds pecans and cashews) and combine the them for a amazing popcorn treat. This delicious popcorn is a favorite of those who feel like a nut, and appreciates old fashion gourmet goodness.

"Bailey's Irish Delight"

This one of a kind gourmet popcorn was invented just prior to St. Patrick's Day 2002. We use real butter caramel with a touch of rum, then topped with a light green mint chocolate candy coating. WHAT A RESPONSE! Two Big thumbs up for the green popcorn. Soon to be a favorite at your house.

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