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Popcorn, Smoothies, Milk Shakes and Gourmet Coffee Fresh From The Popcorn Cafe

A Hot New Menu Full of Cool Treats



Taking everything we have learned from our experience in this business, we know that you have to have a great product to keep customers returning again and again. Our gourmet popcorn speaks for itself, yet we are much more than popcorn.

Nova Development Art Explosion




Milk Shakes have become an art form here at the Popcorn Cafe. We use real hand dipped Ice Cream, fresh fruits and ice cold whole milk. We add real Oreo's in our Cookies and cream shake and we also have no sugar added shakes for our diabetics and health conscious consumers (sugar free cookies too).

Smoothies On Location

We can make smoothies on location for your company, party or special event. We will set up a table with our equipment and make custom smoothie drinks using fresh and frozen fruit, fruit juices and yogurt. You may have tried smoothies from several smoothie shops, natural food shops and produce markets. Our smoothies top them all. You may have tried one of our great smoothies at local fairs, and art festivals such as Christa McAuliffe Elementary Annual Art Fair, you will remember the long line to purchase one of our gourmet fruit drinks. Now is your opportunity to give your employees, and friends a truly unique gift.

Our Smoothie Flavors Include (but not limited to..)
Strawberry Banana
Peaches and Cream
Apple and Celery
Blueberry and Cream
Apple and Carrot
Florida Sunrise (Orange, Grapefruit and Pineapple)
Any other combination of fruit on hand.

Smoothies are $2.95 ($3.95 for added Protein)

Flat Rates are available for special events and functions. Please call to work out details and dates. DJ and party planning is available through our services as well. Visa/MasterCard/American Express accepted.

Nova Development Art Explosion


Nova Development Art Explosion

Our Milk Shake and Malt Flavors Include:
Strawberry, Blueberry , Banana, Raspberry
(or any combo of fresh fruit)
Cookies & Cream
Root Beer Floats

Shakes are $2.50 ($2.95 for Fruit and Cookie Shakes)

A true tropical setting with fruit trees and tropical music from the Islands and the Keys.


Not only kids love popcorn, just about everyone does.

Fresh Kettle Popcorn and Buttered Popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn (Caramel Corn) $2.75 for a small bag, tins are $12 and up.

Butter flavored popcorn is $.99

Small bag of Kettle Popcorn is $1.50, large bags are $3.50

Jamaican Beef Patties will be $1.50 each.


Hot Coffee Drinks Include:
Hot Coffee Float
Gourmet Coffee Flavors Of the Day

Hot Coffee Drinks are $1.50 for a small, $2.50 for a large

Real Milk Shakes for Real People...Bailey's Popcorn Cafe

Nova Development Art Explosion


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